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Language tips (for those who aren't familiar with French)

For pronunciation, best tip is to not pronounce the final constanant (e.g. ballet) but to pronounce the final vowel (e.g. cafe).

Je suis Australien: If you can’t speak French very well it is always advisable to use this to make it clear you are Australian, especially before asking 'Parle vous anglais?' . The French are more forgiving that way otherwise you will be miskaten for English or American. 

Bonjour/au revoir/a bientot: hello/goodbye/see you later

Bonne journee: nice alternative or adjunct to au revoir — it means ‘have a nice day’. 

Comment allez-vous/ca va: how are you, to which the easiest response is ca va (meaning alright). 

D'accord: ok

Ou-est/je cherche: where is/I'm looking for... very handy when travelling, after this you can add...

  • supermarche: supermarket
  • toilettes: toilets
  • banque automatic: automatic teller machine
  • cybercafe: internet cafe

Gauche/droit: left/right which are handy to know when asking directions 

Je voudrais: I would like...

  • l'addition: the bill
  • la carte: the menu
  • jus d'orange/pomme: orange/apple juice
  • eau: water
  • un the/cafe: a tea/coffee
  • un chambre: a room

...s'il vous plait: please

Combien: how much but then you need to know numbers, so if you don't ask them to ecrire (write it down)

Aujourd'hui/demain: today/tonorrow

Entree/sortie: entry/exit

Chaud/froid: hot/cold

Ouvert/ferme: open/closed

Je suis malade: I am sick

Excusez-moi/pardon: excuse me/sorry

 Allez: go!

 Service compris (at the end of menus): service is included i.e. you don't need to tip

Stephen Clarke's tips from Talk to the Snail for getting good service:

  • j'ai un petit probleme: I have a small problem
  • pouvez vous m'aider: can you help me
  • vous parlez tres bien anglais: you speak very good English!

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