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French language

Around the world 80 million people  in over 30 countries have French as a first language and 50 million as a second language. In fact, French is the second most commonly-taught second language in the world (after English). In total, 270 million people world wide can speak French. Interestingly too, French was the official language of England for over 300 years. More than half of the French population speaks at least one foreign language, the most common is English spoken by 34% of the population.

For ways to help you learn French fast for those who have been studying French already and/or those who want to start, our on-line shop has an e-book you can purchase (for only $9.95). This book contains links to organisations in Australia and reference sites to help you learn French.

A good way to help with your French is to speak it with others - there are French speaking meet up groups in most capital cities: go to (David organises the Brisbane one).

One of the world's largest schools of French language, Alliance Francaise, offers courses in all Australian capital cities:

For a French language site (which only asks for donations), go to

For a few useful language tips click here.

For a good French-English online dictionary try:

For French translation and interpreting services, visit For quick free translations go to or

For the words to France's national anthem, La Marseillaise, in both English and French click here.

For a free website which emails you a new French word every day, go to There is also a good similar French word a day facebook site

While France itself struggles to maintain its language (banning the use of certain words like “hashtag,” requiring French citizens to use the term mot-diese instead), France's proficiency of English is still not high as rated by an international index:

For the French words we use regularly in an English context:

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