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Olonzac shopping story 

What owning a house in France has meant to us 

Owning our house in the south of France has given us so many wonderful memories as well as a real connection to the French way of life.  Each time we arrive in our village, we feel a real sense of belonging and it is wonderful to be able to live like a local in France rather than just visit as a tourist.

 Shopping in Olonzac

Some of the stalls of the Tuesday market are literally right outside our front door. There's nothing better than opening the shutters in the morning and looking out over the frantic activity below as stall holders set up their stalls, lay out their goods and chatter with shoppers.

The weekly market draws shoppers from all over the region and is as much a social outing as a shopping trip! 

During summer, you'll often be shoulder-to-shoulder with other shoppers as you negotiate the narrow streets lined with stalls. 

Locals and tourists flock to the weekly market in Olonzac and you'll hear an array of languages being spoken.

Most stall holders, though, speak very little English, if any, so my purchases are done with a good dose of sign language involved!

With so much fresh food on offer, it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement and buy too much - but that's all part of the fun.

The best thing is that our house is so close to the action that if my arms are weighed down by too much shopping I can just pop home to drop them off then head out for more purchases!

Thanks Carolyn –
Castel Grand Rue, Olonzac, now for sale

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