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France is the cheese ‘capital’ of the world, producing over 500 cheeses and we’ve sniffed out some of the weirdest, most wonderful quirky cheese facts to encourage you to discover the world of ‘fromages’.


Highest – mountain cheeses can be found at the highest altitudes. Le Beaufort, made in the Savoie region, where cows graze 6500ft to 8000ft above sea level.


Lowest – The Rhone Delta is the lowest part of France at -2m below sea level, where the Rhone enters the Mediteranen. The Goat’s cheeses made in this area such as Tomme d’Arles and bûchette de Provence.


Oldest – Comté, aged for 24 to 36 months.


Largest – French Emmental weighing in 60-130kg for a whole wheel.


Smallest – a tiny goat’s cheese, Barattes de Chèvre, 2cm high


Smelliest - Vieux Boulogne as named by scientists at Cranfield University who used


a smellometer.


Most Expensive – Truffle stuffed Brie £45 per kilo


Wettest - fromage frais with 85% water content is always sold in pots.


Crumbliest – Blue cheeses are the crumbliest cheese. Those with the largest veins such as Roquefort often crumble as you cut them!


Hardest - Mimolette Extra Vielle has a hard outer shell as tough as a coconut shell.


The cheese is best eaten shaved or grated.


Softest - Mont d’Or is the runniest, when ripe you must spoon it out of its box.


Most romantic - Coeur de Neufchatel, a heart shaped cheese.


Most copied – Camembert de Normandie.

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